Photo Gallery: Perfection at Puerto Lobos, Sonora, Mexico

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The appeal of a barren beach isn't lost on most. You're all clear to eschew the normalcy of American life called "wearing shoes," for one. Then the sweet sounds of the gentle sea, combined with the absence of all forms of human-generated noise . . . well, ugh, how to put words to it? I'll try. It's like you can actually hear, finally, music of the spheres. The sounds are so alien. Indeed, you've never heard it before.

Put that barren beach south of the border into la tierra Mexicana and the appeal either grows or shrinks, depending on your taste for going into Mexico these days. But the country still has a good variety of long (really, really long) dirt roads that dead-end at the sea. And you'll have miles and miles of clean beach all to yourself.

So what's the adventure? Why do it? The best I can answer is, "See the pictures."

Photos of Puerto Lobos, Sonora, Mexico


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# Bill 2011-02-08 02:12
Tremendous photo - well made!
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# henry 2011-07-20 11:11
Yes. Wonderful pictures with nice composition. Felt I was there with your family. Beautiful family. Keep tracking...
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