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Recipe: Chicken Pesto Pita Sandwiches

pesto chicken sandwich pita flatbread lunch

On a cool but sunny Sunday in March, we casually coasted the dirt road that winds through Valley of The Gods in southern Utah. It took longer than we expected, which shouldn't be all that surprising because that's the way it goes when the Stephens Family travels. The end of the road comes at Scenic Highway 163, north of Mexican Hat. It was lunchtime. Since the odds of finding any place to rustle up some grub were awfully slim, Brooke had an idea.

Recipe: Grilled Top Sirloin Steak with Jalapeño Lime Marinade

If it's one thing we're guilty of, it's giving jalapeños an awful lot of air time around here. In one sense, we should apologize. In another, hey, we pay the bills. And in another, well, all can be forgiven when presented over a hunk of grilled red meat. So I dedicate this to you.

This is pretty easy because you create the marinade and prep the meat at home, which means cooking at camp is that much quicker and simpler . . .

Recipe: Fresh Guacamole Dip

Guacamole isn't as pretty as the setting you're eating it in. But it's there - in the blue bowl.

Nothing goes with camping quite as well as . . . appetizers. This tasty guac is slightly spicy but can be modified to taste (just add more lime or avocado to dilute the spice factor). Definitely a crowd pleaser, so long as said crowd's been blessed with a proper bag of tortilla chip triangles. Equally important, this guacamole spreads into your tacos or fajitas just fine.

Recipe: Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

stuffed jalepeno peppers with cheese and bacon recipe for camping

At camp we don't let a 3-year-old halfling picky eater dictate what we'll cook for ourselves. We're wine drinkers, as you may know,  and we like spicy food. Neither of which are for our daughter. And since this website is called Adventure Parents, we like to dabble in the guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasures that make us happy. This quick appetizer - side question: who out there likes camping appetizers beyond a bag of tortilla chips and jarred salsa? - does the trick, and it's pretty easy to prepare.

Recipe: BBQ Turkey Burgers Infused with Serrano Peppers and Cheese

gourmet camping turkey burgers, bbq, with serrano peppers

We've jumped on the ground turkey bandwagon, sure, but even though we're pseudo-converted I have to admit sometimes the stuff needs a little pizazz. (Yes, Mark's addiction to BBQ sauce frequently comes in to play.) Here's an easy-to-prepare recipe that will satisfy your burger craving but is lower in fat and cholesterol than its mean red-meat cousin. Cook these patties on a portable grill grate over coals, or pan-fry in a camp-stove if you have to. You know why we love grilling while we camp? Clean-up is a snap. Just remember to pack some aluminum foil and a spatula for flipping.

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