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The Best Swimming Hole I've Ever Found

What is summer if it's not water cooled? A tasty, delightful drink from the garden hose, a rowdy romp around the yard with squirt guns, or a dip in the lake?

The summer of 2004, three years before we became parents, Brooke and I backpacked to Havasu Canyon of the Grand Canyon. It's a 9-mile hike one way, down a serious set of switchbacks at Hualapai Hilltop and then the trail more or less bottoms out and follows a sandy wash. At Havasu, we were greeted by the thundering roar of the 120-foot-tall falls well before we actually saw them, and it amped us up.

Except, this story isn't about Havasu Falls . . .

Another Family Tent: Mountainsmith Conifer 5 Takes Best Value Award

mountainsmith-conifer-tent 005
Awww, don't you just want to vomit? Bobby and Angie get into the mood while demonstrating the size of the Mountainsmith Conifer 5 family-sized tent. Bobby's a six-footer.

Last week OutdoorX4 Magazine dropped the new issue and included a glancing review and comparison of six different basecamp/family tents. Months ago, the editor hit me up to join the team of reviewers and he charged me the responsibility of putting the Montainsmith Conifer 5 to the test. So, my little pony-tailed army of two daughters and a pretty wife lugged this sucker out to the forest for an autumn weekend of bike riding, chilling out under the trees, star gazing, and, of course, snuggling um, camping . . .

Still Cool: Lynn Hill Climbs/Breezes Yosemite's Midnight Lightning

lynn hill midnight lightning

Sheeze. Bouldering V8 Like it's nothing at all. No, it's not exactly news. It happened in 1998, but I rabbit-holed my way into this video, loved it, and decided it ought to be shared.

One of the first successful professional women in rock climbing, Lynn Hill is largely responsible for influencing women to join the sport, and for advocating for gender equality in rock climbing because, as she lamented in an interview with Climbing Magazine, "there's a lot less importance and prestige placed on women in climbing, no matter what [their] ability is."

Small Delights in Learning to Ride a Bike

learning-to-ride-bike 001

Way back when I was just barely a father, it just didn't occur to me that one of the things I'd have to do (get to do?) is teach my children to ride a bike. It's just not on the radar when you're swaddling and living large with a baby carrier on your belly. Last year when my wife suggested we get our then five-year-old daughter her first bike, I thought hmmm, yeah, sure. I could teach her to ride it, that'll be fun . . . Wait. OMG, I HAVE TO TEACH HER TO RIDE A BIKE?

It feels like the next thing you're going to hear is, "I'm going to college 2000 miles away because that's where my boyfriend is going," or worse . . .

What It's Like to Be a Woman Over 50 Who Surfs

women-surfers 005

It's a painful admission to drop your sport of choice as career, health, children, age and new interests take hold. Just last week I heard my own wife say with a pinch of regret, "I used to be a runner." This short short film though begs us not to worry about those feelings. Which is so different from the "If I can do it, you can do it" message we so often get — maybe we should just say to hell with it, do what it takes to be happy, not outdoorsy. Here's a wonderful short documentary that focuses on three women over 50 who regularly surf together . . .

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