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What It's Like to Be a Woman Over 50 Who Surfs

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'Women Who Run With the Tides' A Film by Michelle Shearer
from Steve Shearer on Vimeo.

It's a painful admission to drop your sport of choice as career, health, children, age and new interests take hold. Just last week I heard my own wife say with a pinch of regret, "I used to be a runner." This short short film though begs us not to worry about those feelings. Which is so different from the "If I can do it, you can do it" message we so often get — maybe we should just say to hell with it, do what it takes to be happy, not outdoorsy. Here's a wonderful short documentary that focuses on three women over 50 who regularly surf together in Lennox Head, NSW, Australia. Two picked up surfing "later" in life, while the third, Marg, even tells how she learned to surf quite young, but dropped it, took on a career and kids, then returned to surfing decades later. Refreshing and captivating, the film gives us a chance to listen to their thoughts on what it's like for older women to be paddle out to the line-up with much younger surfers, the sexism young female surfers endure to embark on a surfing career, and other issues. They're thoughtful, wise, gentle, warm and confident and happy — the editing even provides a lot of space for you to let the story sink in. Click play to get a sampling of this wonderful piece.

The Sunday Morning Chillax is here while you're enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet morning as your kids, hopefully, sleep in. No need to read, this is always a video; something to give you happy thoughts about mountains, fresh air, stoke, fun, or being outside. Enjoy. Relax. And, um, not guaranteed to be weekly — hey, you get what you pay for, but it's a dang good bargain.

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