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It seems I'm squeezing the rinds of adventure extra hard lately, getting it where I can, when I can. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I joined our friends on a weekend back road camping trip that took us to the scrubby mountains of southern Arizona. On the first morning, we made breakfast fajita burritos for everyone, filled their bellies good, and then left camp for a day touring the wineries of Sonoita Valley. The following morning, we all packed up, said our goodbyes and our post-the-pics-on-facebook-when-you-get-homes, and instead of driving the truck, I swung a leg over my bike and pedaled and coasted the seven miles down the trail, beat my arms silly on the stretches of wicked washboard, and cruised with the morning songbirds to where the trail meets the highway. My wife drove and waited for me there.

The sun is staying up longer and longer, the afternoon temps are in the 80s and that means I can come home from work and, again, swing a leg over my road bike for a 30-minute decompression ride.

So I imagine my delight to find a message from our website host encouraging me to upgrade our blog software to the latest release. "Maybe after my bike ride, people." So I set about upgrading the software denying myself all the truths that I know about such an endeavor and presuming I'd have everything up to snuff by Friday morning. That was last Thursday.

And hell broke out.

Let's just remind you that this is called Adventure Parents, not Coder Parents. We're interested in spending time spreading the stoke of playing outside. So, while you might see a difference in the colors and the layout here, it was merely a byproduct of upgrading the software — alas, the old theme wasn't compatible without hours of head-bashing and foul language — I didn't set out last week with the plan to change the look. Nevertheless, it took far longer to wrap up than I anticipated, which meant more time away from my bike, more time away from my family, and more time away from taking care of the business that makes this site worth visiting (hold the jokes, peanut gallery...) in the first place.

I'm glad it's done. It's time to get back to writing some stories. Now, you might face-plant into a 404 error once in a while. Speak up if you do.


Now, since we're just talking here, wanna see the how I'm coping with my wife being pregnant with our #2? This time around, I'm the one who's nesting. I've also launched head deep into home improvement projects to get our lives more organized and civilized. Something about the approaching day of a new baby does this to you. Here goes, a peek into my personal life . . .

In the kitchen, we have a narrow cabinet for a pantry. I converted the shelves into slide out drawers so I could get to my margarita fixings easier:

I built this Shaker style vanity for the bathroom:

Now for the doozy. Are you sitting down?  Look at this pathetic "office."

So I gutted it and prepared that closet space for a built-in bookcase:

All finished up, built out of maple and mahogany, installed some LED lighting, and now it's highly civilized in there:

File drawers:

We also etched the glass in the cabinet doors for a little hat tip to the outdoors and the happy thoughts that birds invoke. Highly appropriate for an office where I'll be continuing on with the work of making this website worth visiting:



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# Aaron 2012-04-09 20:46
Nice work!!
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2012-04-10 14:32
Thanks Aaron!
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# James 2012-04-12 07:38
I like the new look, and nice job on the office.
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2012-04-15 20:16
Sweet, thanks James.
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