The Beauty of an Atypical Minivan: Volkswagen LT 40 Campervan

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VW LT 40 4x4 Expedition camper NOW FOR SALE
from on Vimeo.

If you've been to this space before, you might already know about our little love affair with funky and cool campervans. But this Volkswagen LT 40 inspires a whole new level of bliss and wonder for classic, or not-so-classic, Griswolding. Uh oh, and she's for sale. Alas, she's all the way across the pond in Scotland. It's a 1988 unit that underwent a two year rebuild by a dad who intended to take his family of five through Africa, but as Jed from Campervan Culture tells us, the plans changed. The project was completed in 2010, including a shiny new 2.4 TD motor. It's almost a shame to put so much energy (and cold, hard-earned cash!) into a such a significant project only to have to part with her before a grand voyage. The van in its current state has hardly been driven around the block with a mere 3400 kilometers (2100 miles) on that new engine. Hang on till 0:38 and enjoy the sweet sound of her purr.

She's got it all to make the family comfortable, too: a bathroom, a kitchen, 100 liter fridge, beautiful interior cabinetry, not one shower but two heated showers, seating for six yet bedding for just five. Hey, perfection comes in different forms.

And then there are the usual rough road bits like 4WD with low range, front and read differential locks, a second 100-liter fuel tank, tough Michelin tires, snorkel and enough auxiliary lighting to send a hat tip to Pink Floyd.

Watch the video and take the tour. The LT 40 was particularly ravishing to fools in love with rough, remote roads for its solid front axle and increased payload capacity. This one, in addition, has been set up to achieve some handsome dude's transcontinental adventure road trip dream with the fam.

So I'll just sum it up thus: wantwantwantwantwant.

Check out more pictures and all the details at It's getting interest from parties as distant as Italy, Germany and Canada:



Bart Heiligenberg
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# Bart Heiligenberg 2012-01-06 21:05
Bring it on! Keep me drooling...
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garage equipment
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# garage equipment 2012-03-12 21:38
Minivans typically have wide rear openings and lower floors than SUV's, which make loading easier. They usually have maximum weight loads of 1,100 pounds or more, which is more than most SUVs.
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# Jed@campervanculture 2013-07-17 13:31
Yes truly an awesome machine. How do I know? I am the fella in the video hehehehe...

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