Cool Find: Cozy Up with Hand Made Vintage Map Pillows

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Home is where the head is . . . oh, wait, that's not saying. But it could be the truth. If you're the sort of person, or if you know the sort of person, who can whittle hours away pouring over maps, these handmade Australian pillows might call out to you. Each one is the handiwork of a woman, mother, wife (and obviously a kindred spirit) named Cath. She and her family live darn near off the grid in the forest of New South Wales, relying on collected rain for their water supply, the sun for all the energy they consume, their garden to bring them the food they eat. Ah, and they fertilize that garden with their very own composting toilet. Alrighty, so maybe that's totally off the grid. She's just like anyone else, too. She loves old things and organic things. She's combined that into a small business crafting adventurous pillows.

Each pillow is made from Cath's own organic cotton grown right in New South Wales, too. She can handle just about any location you desire, though it appears she doesn't stick to just maps. See the third sample below. Either way, would you like to lay your head upon Italy, Antarctica, the Carribbean, or Portland, Oregon?

Check out her entire collection:


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# Lindsey 2011-12-14 06:31
Now that's an Etsy shop I could get in to!
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