Ross Garrett Told The Best Kayaking Story in 140 Characters

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You can share a lot within a little bit of space. Take the cockpit of a tandem kayak you're sharing with your sweetie. Or child. Small space, sweet experience. Then there's the medium on Twitter in which you're restricted to expressing a pithy thought within 140 characters.

Ross Garrett works for The Surfer's Journal, administers his own Twitter account, and, as you'll see below, has a 3-year old son. The brief tale he tells of taking a paddle with his son got my attention for a number of reasons. One of them is the story, of course. Interestingly, he crafted it within the constraints of 140 characters at a time, never resorting to a single contrived abbreviation that's so common on Twitter. He used sentences and, believe it or not, words. Real ones with all the letters in them. And punctuation. Big style points for his use of form and function.

Here's the deal. You must read from the bottom up because this is just a screen capture from his feed, the nature of which begins with the most recent post. So scroll on down and work your way back up.


Bring The Kids
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# Bring The Kids 2011-10-10 05:39
So awesome. That really is the magic of children.
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