The Road to Enlightenment Passes Through My House and Brought a Boy Wearing Batman Pajamas

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riley (1)My very first - perhaps only - real fan who's since become a hell of a friend stands about 5' 8" (and he'll claim that he's actually a solid 6' tall) with a thick beard just waiting for its first gray follicle and if you disturb him in the morning prior to a mug of coffee, he typically raises his middle finger toward you.

If this is how it goes, I don't want any more fans to become my friends. I digress.

KC O'Connor and I share books, music, beer, and, if we'd known each other before getting caught in Cupid's crosshairs with pony-tailed blondes under our arms, we'd have probably shared living space too.

We're fathers driving down dirt roads seeing what may become of ourselves. Actually we don't need to seek it, we keep our hearts wide open and enlightenment knows where to find us when it needs to. Often it pays us a visit when we're not on the road to an adventure. Rather, think bedtime in the comfort of our own homes . . . he recently sent me this nugget:

I'm sharing these words with you in hopes that you may find some comfort & wisdom in them as I have. The following is an actual conversation with 7 year old Riley last night.....

Dad - "Riley, get your jammies on, almost time for bed."
Riley - "Help me?"
Dad - "Aww, you don't need help. You can dress yourself, you're almost 8."
Riley - "I'm not almost 8, I'm as old as the Earth."
Dad - "You mean you've been here since the very first day?!"
Riley - "Sure! I know everything."
Dad - "Oh yeah? Then tell me, what's the secret of life?"
Riley - "The secret of life is.... just go with the flow."

I hugged my prodigy, helped into his Batman pajamas and put him to bed. Parenthood... who knew?


Tristan Black
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# Tristan Black 2012-02-26 01:43
That's just an awesome story. I cannot wait for the toddler-isms my 2 girls (3 and 3 months) will drop on me.

Thanks for the smile.
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