GoCrib: The Perfect Travel and Camping Baby Crib

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Considering their size, babies should take up the least amount of space in your house and your car. 
Oh. Wait . . .

Take account of all that "stuff" you just know your baby can't survive an hour-and-a-half without.  And this is especially true when it comes to taking a weekend trip.  "Like, OMFG, bring the stroller, the jogger, the wagon, the pack-n-play, the Baby Einstein Play Gym, the bouncer, that other bouncer ('no not that one, you idiot, the other other one' she says), the swing that goes side to side, the swing that goes front to back, that one seat that vibrates, and make sure we have a supply of D batteries, get the Bumbo (the green one or the brown one, I wonder?), the high chair, and that other eating chair that sits ground level in case we go for a picnic, and maybe the neck pillow.  Should we bring all five or just three neck pillows?" Get a mountain of spit-up cloths, 25 blankets, 3 swaddlers, the baby sling, the Ergo baby carrier . . .  and what else did we forget?

And there you go.  "How to pack for a day trip" as panicked by the first time parent.  By the time the novelty of baby number one wears off, you're much wiser. Perhaps.

I wish I'd known about the GoCrib before Chloe, my first child, was born.  I absolutely de-freaking-stroyed a Combi portable crib (pack-n-play thing) because I didn't read the crappy instruction manual couldn't figure out how to operate the joints.  When I was done putting it together it wasn't fit for containing a precious baby. It wasn't fit for containing your worst enemy's dirty laundry. One entire side flopped over and just wouldn't stand up. Mission accomplished, in one sense.

But when our second child showed up last Fall, we had honed our baby-rearing wisdom a touch and bought ourselves a GoCrib. The GoCrib is what all travel cribs should be - light and small, yet rugged and easy to set up. It's a tall order, but the GoCrib pulls it off. Using air rather than poles and hinges, it packs down into the size of a backpack and weighs a total of 11 lbs. A pack-n-play, conversely, weighs 20 lbs and takes up the space of a set of golf clubs when it's packed. If the GoCrib doesn't win on the principle of simplicty, it wins for performance. Using materials and construction taken from paragliding gear, the GoCrib is reassuringly tough and you can feel it so with your hands. You might also be thinking that it must require a lot of air, but in reality the volume is relatively low so it sets up pretty dang fast and without fuss - about a dozen pumps with the supplied pump and you're in business. We bought it, dig it, and recommend it.

Get the info at REI >>>


Robert Lefebvre
+5 / 0
# Robert Lefebvre 2010-08-23 12:34
Ha! My wife has you beat. :) She destroyed all 4 sides of a Pack-n-Play. The manager at Toys'R'us said "I've never seen one so ABUSED in my life."
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2010-08-27 11:35
All four sides! LOL I love it. Glad I'm not alone in the destruction of those things. :D
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Brian Sparks
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# Brian Sparks 2010-09-09 08:57
Great idea! I think I might want one of those. Working on the other baby stuff like the crib main right now. Make sure the bedding isn't too cushioned or the baby might squish into it if he/she laid face down, and could get hurt [or worse!] from not being able to breath. A good place to get boys baby bedding is KeepingInTheLoo p.com and others. I would try there first and foremost.
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Alison Beachem
+4 / 0
# Alison Beachem 2010-11-02 22:23
The Go Crib is an awesome product. I took the photos for its promo shots, and got to play around with it for a while. It really is lightweight, and easy to set up (and take down, which is definitely important)--exa ctly what a mom (or dad) with squirming kids needs! The colors are also really awesome!
If you want to check out more pictures of the product, and our awesome shoot, here is the site: photographybyalison.com/.../.. .
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Seattle Photographer
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# Seattle Photographer 2011-06-15 17:29
This is a great product. Anything to make travel easier for the parents! Air is a commodity! Alison, great shots!
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Best Baby Crib
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# Best Baby Crib 2012-07-10 20:48
Really amazing crib. This is the kind of baby crib that suits for parents. It is portable and it is also user friendly. Aside from its durability it's also comfortable for the baby.
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