Small Delights in Learning to Ride a Bike

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Way back when I was just barely a father, it just didn't occur to me that one of the things I'd have to do (get to do?) is teach my children to ride a bike. It's just not on the radar when you're swaddling and living large with a baby carrier on your belly. Last year when my wife suggested we get our then five-year-old daughter her first bike, I thought hmmm, yeah, sure. I could teach her to ride it, that'll be fun . . . Wait. OMG, I HAVE TO TEACH HER TO RIDE A BIKE?

It feels like the next thing you're going to hear is, "I'm going to college 2000 miles away because that's where my boyfriend is going," or worse . . .

Off-Road Driving Explained, and Why It's Fun for The Family

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I'm not so naïve to think that others out there will agree with me that driving dirt roads is a lot of fun. Plenty of people find it meritless, no doubt, and I understand the criticisms. With the freedom of getting out there and away from the eye of authority, there's an absurd few who take advantage of the situation when "no one is looking." They'll abandon their unwanted furniture . . .

The Story of How a Foster Dad and Daughter Hiked 52 Peaks Together

dan szczesny 001Most of us, I suspect, made a choice to raise children. Even if you were, you know, surprised with the news of your pregnancy, you still brought your own flesh and blood into this world and discovered the joys and tribulations of raising a baby into a bright young child and beyond.

But that's not the case for everybody. It certainly wasn't for Dan Szczesny who suddenly and without much warning became the caretaker for a pair of twin 9-year-olds . . .

The Truth About Poisoned Halloween Candy

It may be that the only devils out there are the ones in costume. You know how they get when they've had too much candy.

While we all have some quirky neighbors—perhaps our neighbors believe we're the weird ones—it seems that on Halloween night they might not be lacing their candy with lye and rat poison or not even handing out razors and used hypodermic needles. Joel Best is a sociology professor from University of Delaware who's been researching the phenomenally generalized fear of tainted Halloween candy. He's studied news reports as far back as 1958, and though he's found some wild stories, the truth of the matter might surprise you. "No child has ever died or been seriously injured by contaminated Halloween treats," he says.

Read on . . .

A Sure-Fire Way to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

Custom LED lights in a Roof Top Tent, Eezi-Awn, Camping Lab, Hannibal, TechnitopHannibal and Maggiolina Roof Top Tents on the Beach in Baja, Mexico showing off their custom LED light installations

You know one major problem with owning a roof top tent - and I don't care if it's an Eezi-Awn, a Hannibal, or a Technitop, the problem is the same: they're super comfortable, super easy to set up and take down, and they're super irritating because you're still stuck with a headlamp attached to your head if you have any care at all to read a book or put on some jammies.

Seriously, it's like going to an awesome world famous pizzeria with incredible pie, but you have to bring your own cheese. Or worse, it's like going to Mom's house and having to cook your own meals.

Roof top tents have comfy mattresses, superior tent walls and all that jazz but they don't have lights inside. Which is a deficiency of epic proportions. A giant-sized "WTF?"

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