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LEGO People Go Kayaking in a Stop-Motion Film

kayaking legos 001

Real quick, did you know that the very LEGO® bricks (you and) your kids play with first came out in the 1950s? And the concept for how these little suckers stick together has largely remained unchanged. The name is the abbreviated version of two Danish words that mean "play good."  So there you have it. And it turns out that the ultimate building blocks make an awesome medium in a stop-motion film . . .

The Sunday Morning Chillax: The Cool History of Land Rover

land rover defender

You could wager that the modern SUV exists because of Land Rover, the original sport utility. Like 'em or not, the Land Rover has very few rivals, equals, or contenders. It's a fine line Land Rover walks in attempt at a graceful balance of true ruggedness, capability and classy syle. Arguably, the car maker has been pulling it off for a long, long time. Over 60 years in fact . . .

Classic Campsites: Murphy Hogback Campground, Canyonlands National Park

Murphy hogback from White Rim Trail Utah

The best places to roll out the sleeping bag, cook a meal, cuddle with your sweetie and gaze at the stars are rarely easy to get to. Rightly so. I'm a believer in the yin and the yang, that there must be a price to be paid when you want the ultimate campsite. One of these high ranking sites, in my book, is the oddly named Murphy Hogback camp found nearly dead center in the backcountry of southern Utah's Canyonlands National Park.It doesn't have much. Just three lonesome sites that share a pit toilet and no running water. Sounds like fun, doesn't it . . . ?

I Had No Idea Raising Kids with My Wife Would Be Like This

brooke-mothers-day 003

Before my wife became my wife, she gave me a backcountry permit for the Grand Canyon. So we spent a spring break with four friends camped on the Colorado River at Phantom Ranch. It was March 2001. Other friends who didn't join us hooked us up with some bulk dehydrated meals that they had stashed away years earlier in preparation for the Y2K bug that they were certain would collapse modern civilization on January 1, 2000. "Well," they laughed, "we don't need them now. Why don't you take them?"

They were big bags, too. Like the size of a giant bag of Tostitos, but 3 or 4 pounds apiece so they could feed 10 souls in one go. Despite the funky apocalyptic juju, we took the meals and left for the Grand Canyon . . .

The Sunday Morning Chillax: Finding Joy and Wisdom on The Appalachian Trail

 appalachian trail 004

My oldest daughter, Chloe, is 5 years old and bonkers about My Little Pony. And I'm not. One night last fall I fed my newborn baby daughter a bottle around the time Chloe was supposed to be headed to bed. But this night the little girls were alone with me, my wife out for a couple of hours, so things were—how do you say it?—a little behind schedule. So Chloe asked me to turn on an episode of My Little Pony for her. Yeah, right, I thought. Instead, I fired up Netflix on the Apple TV and found National Geographic's Appalachian Trail. I know, I sound like such a damned stick in the mud, but just wait . . .

The Sunday Morning Chillax: Pogo Stick Antics Like You've Never Seen Before

What is it that we can say about a device invented to satisfy the hole in humanity's heart that only the sheer joy of leaping great heights and distances can fill? And what is the internet if it isn't a place to spill some ink for the obscure lowly and unholy and therefore long forgotten and undercommercialized past times? So here you go. Three minutes of some of the most wicked pogo stick action you're likely to see anywhere . . .

How a Professional Mountain Biker Teaches His Son To Ride A Bike

eric-porter 004

File this one into your daily dose of cute. Awesome cute. Professional mountain biker Eric Porter rides for Team CLIF Bar and also has a son named Milo—so here's how the little grom learned to ride a bike. Truth be told, this short video is less how-to and more of a celebration of the joys of fatherhood . . .

Cool Find: Men's Classic Fit Seersucker Shirt

classic-fit-seersucker 001

Oh, it's just a shirt. Or is it? Here's a little known fact: seersucker is a cotton fabric that's literally cooler than your usual cotton. The puckered material's threads are woven in a way that give it small, repeating tight micro clusters resulting in a crinkled look. Big deal, right? Here's the point. The crinkling makes this a material that naturally and slightly pulls away from your body just a bit, leaving some space for a touch of air flow and heat dispersal. It's a good fabric for summer shirts because you're cooler in a seersucker shirt than in a common cotton t-shirt.

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