Photo Gallery: Camping In An Arizona Desert Ghost Town

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I'd take the worst camping weather if it also came with the coolest people I know. Fortunately, the weather for this post-Thanksgiving gathering of amiable souls was just fine. Holy crap, I can't believe I just talked about the weather. Here's the real deal. Four big years ago, I went on a whopper of a back road trip through Death and Saline Valleys with this collection of kind, funny, excitable, mellow, lovable crew of dirt road lovers who know the value of damn good company, damn good food, and damn good all-terrain tires.

So, naturally, we've turned it into a tradition by mixing those three things together and coming up with this funky thing called Feuerzangenbowle 4x4. That just won't mean much to you, unless you're German (so try Wikipedia). The nuts and bolts?  We pick a strange spot on the map, in an empty, barren wild place and note the coordinates. We plan some food. Our German friend Uwe reminds us to bring some ingredients for his magical pot of feuerzangenbowle. We say, "See you there." We each go to our maps in all their splendid forms, figure out how in the hell to arrive at said coordinates without being late.

It's sort of like a celebration, an honor to the inglorious yet beautiful places on the planet.  We go, we explore, we treat each other to tasty food and strong drink.  We tell our stories.

Well, we made it. Photos from Swansea, Arizona:


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# jw 2011-03-02 12:41
I just wanted to comment real quick .
A: You guys rock !
B: Love you attitude !
C: Your rig rocks too !
D: 2 very extended thumbs up.
Lost in utah
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