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How a Professional Mountain Biker Teaches His Son To Ride A Bike

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File this one into your daily dose of cute. Awesome cute. Professional mountain biker Eric Porter rides for Team CLIF Bar and also has a son named Milo—so here's how the little grom learned to ride a bike. Truth be told, this short video is less how-to and more of a celebration of the joys of fatherhood. See "Step Two: Give Lots of High Fives." If you're looking for a genuine how-to with actionable steps, you want this video here. But not too soon . . . this is a stoking, happy video that'll make you smile. Get a good look. Anyone else notice that the Porter homestead sports a wicked little bike track right in the back yard? Dang. Living large.

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# Proteinsindia 2013-05-02 05:23
I really like this post How a Professional Mountain Biker Teaches His Son To Ride A Bike! Great.
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