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Surfing & Family & World Travel: The Goodwin Film Project Fascinates

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The Goodwin Project from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

Remember the moment you learned that you were definitely going to be a real parent in under nine months? You saw the stick turn pink, or got word from the doc, or, like my wife said to me on the way to bed one night before letting the waterworks of happiness loose, "Well . . . you're going to be a dad." For the next 24 hours or more, it's a collision of far too many emotions to list, and plans and fears and bright ideas and joy. Or not. Depends what you went through. Eventually, though, things calm down and whether by design or nature or pressure you might start to make some decisions about the kind of parent you want to be, and the kind of contribution to humanity you want to make by raising some children.

Aamion and Daize Goodwin are on a round-the-world trip with their two little ones, Given and True, and have certainly made a conscious decision about the kind of parents they want to be. Aamion grew up traveling the south Pacific and is a team rider for Hurley, and lovely Daize was once known as Daize Shayne, a two-time world champion longboarder and former face for Roxy. Their tale is unfolding as you read this and will eventually become a more comprehensive film to be released sometime in 2013; part surf film, part unscripted drama, part family video, what you experience in the trailer is 100% seducing. "We're promoting healthy living and a simple lifestyle," Aamion says.

Yes, healthy living and a simple lifestyle still costs money and money comes from commerce. For full disclosure, their travels and gear are footed by Hurley, but that's it. They're on their own otherwise.

"An adventure cannot be written before it happens so the film remains untitled until it unfolds. Together with a small film crew the Goodwins will document how they are changed by their travels, and the effect they have on their acquaintances, hosts, friends and ticket agents as they circumnavigate our planet, through 18 countries and four seasons."

You may want to watch this teaser more than once because it's difficult to come to grips with the dramatization of the story. Family travel is not immune from the breakdowns and bummers and unexpected surprises that morph into what you're used to identifying as adventure. The tranquility and blossom of the storytelling might imply otherwise. You won't catch us saying that family adventure travel always easy and blissful. Nevertheless, the film beautifully captured and edited, and it's doubtful you've ever seen a surfing film like this before. Good surf stories and good travel stories are more often about the players involved and what happens when they interact with a place, a person, or a thing along the way. You get that and more: this one adds the complexities and thrills of being a family.

As Aamion confirms about raising children among numerous cultures, "Hopefully you create a better person at the end of the day." Stripped down to it's essentials, this might be the best argument for raising a family while traveling the world. Or traveling anywhere, really. Even if it's around the block.

See their blog, and if you don't trouble yourself to read a single word do yourself the favor of enjoying the photos they post. They're powerful:
The Goodwin Project Blog


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