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9-Year Old Girl Kayaks 20-Foot Water Fall, Stokes Parents

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Yep, some families get into Little League or soccer or ballet or piano. The Donnelly family gets into competitive whitewater kayaking. This video is of 9-year old Sage breezing her way down a stomping Brush Creek and right about 1:58 she rides a 20-footer. But it's hard to really determine that because of all the nutty whitewater throughout her entire ride.  You need to see it because it just might make your day.

In an interview for OutsideMom.com, Sage's mother Stephanie says, "One of our first baby purchases was an old Topo Duo (tandem) kayak.  We loved being on the water together, and couldn’t imagine not sharing it with each other while our child grew up.  We wanted to instill in her our love for the river and our family."

Get the whole story at OutsideMom.com.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie and Matthew Donnelly

And just what kind of a campervan should a family like the Donnelly's ride in? 
Behold, their Sportsmobile:


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