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Brooke, adventure parentBecoming a parent can (and oh it will) happen to anyone - that goes for any whitewater lover, big wall climber, backpacker, ultra runner, damn good frisbee tosser, and, well, you. One day you're hang-dogging a 5.10b or admiring those tan lines left by your Chacos on the tops of your feet and the next you're hearing, "We're pregnant."  And you think, "My life is over. Goodbye kayaks, so long Chamonix summer adventure, hello minivan."
Maybe it's not over. Maybe you don't need a minivan.  Unless you want one.
Check out these parents and families who set the stage and take their kids outside.

Still Cool: Lynn Hill Climbs/Breezes Yosemite's Midnight Lightning

lynn hill midnight lightning

Sheeze. Bouldering V8 Like it's nothing at all. No, it's not exactly news. It happened in 1998, but I rabbit-holed my way into this video, loved it, and decided it ought to be shared.

One of the first successful professional women in rock climbing, Lynn Hill is largely responsible for influencing women to join the sport, and for advocating for gender equality in rock climbing because, as she lamented in an interview with Climbing Magazine, "there's a lot less importance and prestige placed on women in climbing, no matter what [their] ability is."

Tomorrow Somewhere New: Here's How One Family Travels Full-Time in an Airstream Trailer

tomorrow somewhere new001

Josh and Jessica have a young son, and they used to have a lot of stuff. According to their manifesto, that included some pretty normal things: a second car, a 72-inch TV, home theater system, dining table, three sofas, a bed, piles of children’s toys and games, a wardrobe, a snow shovel, and oh yeah a five-bedroom house in the 'burbs of Manhattan, Kansas. But they grew highly dissatisfied with their life, not so much because of their possessions but because of how little free time they had. Who doesn't know that feeling well? Nevertheless, the couple brewed up a solution with a pretty potent main ingredient: "So we decided to sell our stuff . . ."

 . . . and they launched a dream.

Two Climbing Moms Take a Vacation and Go Deep

climbing moms 005

Hey, so how's this school year going? It's been a long, hot summer 'round these here parts and we didn't get out for some fun nearly as frequently as I think we should have. Our oldest daughter started first grade (I know, right?) a couple of weeks ago, bringing the summer of 2013 to an awfully quick close. Now it's early mornings, a lot of hollering, homework, bedtime routines that drag on, when I finally get a sec I go, "How did I become this kind of parent? This wasn't supposed to happen to me. I'm supposed to be cool." And then prAna goes and flings this short video out there.

How a Professional Mountain Biker Teaches His Son To Ride A Bike

eric-porter 004

File this one into your daily dose of cute. Awesome cute. Professional mountain biker Eric Porter rides for Team CLIF Bar and also has a son named Milo—so here's how the little grom learned to ride a bike. Truth be told, this short video is less how-to and more of a celebration of the joys of fatherhood . . .

3 Volkswagen Vanagons and a Jetta: How One Family Built Their Westy Syncro

johns syncro vanagon westfalia on the beach in mexico, baja

You don't have to be all that offbeat to appreciate a Volkswagen Bus of any species.  Just a bit.

The window from 1985 to 1992 in the life of the VW Vanagon was a particularly splendid one - coinciding with the pinnacle of popularity of the mullet, that's when Volkswagen produced the full-time 4WD Syncro version. Drool. The really really killer versions were further refined by Westfalia, a German camper conversion company that installed the pop-top camper. Let's put it all together for accuracy, posterity and blatant SEO: Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Westfalia. All those names . . . if it weren't for the pronunciation, you'd think it was Italian.

John Franzen, a Syncro owner, has a cool story about his van....

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