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Photo of The Day: How Come No One Told Me This Was So Much Fun?

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Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm | Setting: f/16, 1/125 sec, ISO 100

I'd like it to be known that the greatest thing that could make this photo better is if she were be wearing a bikini. But I always say that about my wife.

Moving along now . . .

We got this kite for our daughter and she wanted nothing to do with it. "Oh come on. We'll show you how to fly it." We tried. But no, at this quiet beach, and for reasons unknown to us, she couldn't conceptualize the joy of flying a kite or she simply preferred to dig in the sand and collect shells. I don't know.

So my wife and I smirked at one another, shrugged, got a funny little tingle in our stomachs and one of us said, "Well. We can't let this go to waste." This is one of the best parts of parenthood, that from time to time you inherit a rejected toy as cool as a kite. That beats playing round after round of pretend anything.

When people say things like "This is a perfect day for flying a kite" that's just a euphemism for "What a lousy day to ride a bike." The wind at this beach camp stayed so steady and just strong enough that, yes, it really was perfect for flying a kite. Maybe too perfect. All my wife did was hold the kite head-high, give it a little flip up, and start spooling out the string. It was so much fun that we got into a fight over who's turn it was next.

And then this was overheard . . .

"So we drove all this way in 4WD to fly a kite?"




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