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Photo of The Day: Holiday Warmth of the Sonoran Desert

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Camera: Canon 5D | Lens: EF24-105mm | Setting: f/6.3, 30 sec, ISO 1000

You don't have to be all that hardcore to be out in the Sonoran Desert in winter. During the day, the ol' mercury could easily rise to to a steamy 80 degrees. At night though, it's not uncommon for the shiver point to begin around 55 or 54 and bottom out at 35. You'll get just a light frost in the morning. It ought to be a crime.

It has some downsides. Like scorpions and a lot of thorns.

We circled the wagons at this nook out in the Sonoran Desert, hiked around the rocks, found a geocache, waited for the light to get good and low and golden to shoot photos of this perfect spot. What's not seen, because it's dark, is a tall craggy peak with a sheer face of rhyolite that looked like it could own a dozen multi-pitch routes. Stunning and spectacular in every way that I know. We had birthday cake, someone brought a small tent and filled it with toys for the kids.

We piled up some logs, lit 'em, huddled up and stayed up awfully late telling lies and jokes. I sent flirts to my wife across the fire. About the only thing missing on this night was the jingling of sleighbells in the air and a visit from a happy fat man in a red suit.


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